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Zeapon Motor Module for Micro 2 Plus Camera Slider

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Micro 2 Plus motor is only compatible with Zeapon Motorized Micro 2 Plus Camera Slider and Zeapon Micro 2 Plus Manual Camera Slider.

30s Magnetic Quick Release:ZEAPON universal Micro 2 Plus motor, which is combined with the original magnetic belt quick release structure, photographers can switch over between manual and motorized modes within 30 seconds. In actual shooting, different modes can be used according to the needs of different scenarios. Without the time of disassembling and debugging the equipment, the shooting efficiency is greatly improved.

Easy Button Setting Triggers Shooting in One Second:Micro 2 Plus motor provides a quick button; Double-click the direction button, the rail slider moves to the end; Double-click the direction button again, the rail slider stops. Without complicated button operation and app control, you can quickly complete positioning and shooting after startup, and new hands can also start shooting in one second.

Ultra silent step motor – 39 db:Micro 2 Plus motorized slider is powered by a high-torque step motor with minimum noise of 39 decibels only, which frees you from post process of audio noise reduction and enables you to focus more on shooting.

Timelapse preview with single tap:Preview of a timelapse video is an innovative function of ZEAPON. You can record a clip or view through camera screen directly after setting the motion path to determine whether the subjects are correct and the moving speed is appropriate and predict the video effect, which can greatly save your time.

Timelapse calculator:The ZEAPON LAB app automatically calculates the video duration and estimates the photographing time and the number of photos based on your preset motion path and speed, helping you to get the most precise motion at fingertips.

3 adjustable speeds with multi-button control:ZEAPON keeps needs of different users in mind and added multiple control buttons to control the slider to travel left and right and to set three speeds of operation. At the same time, color change of the lights also indicates the remaining power. The remaining power capacity is warned by the color change of the indicators.

- for Micro 2 Plus Camera Slider
- 30s Magnetic Quick Release
- Easy Button Setting Triggers Shooting in One Second
- Ultra silent step motor – 39 db
- Timelapse preview with single tap
- Timelapse calculator
- 3 adjustable speeds with multi-button control


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